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What Are Geiger-Mueller Tubes And How To Find a Manufacturer For Them?


The Geiger-Mueller tube is an instrument that is used together with the famous Geiger counter. It helps with measuring radiation. Learn more about what this is here.

The Geiger counter is an independent machine that was invented by Hans Geiger and Walter Mueller. Using a special method, it can measure the amount of radiation. The principle for measuring was discovered in 1908 but it was not being used in practice until the invention of the tube. This happened a whole 20 years later, in 1928. With the invention of this, the counter was then able to measure the level of it.

Why do they need the tube?

The tube is actually the important part. The counter is only a machine that is connected to it and shows the result. The real magic is done by this additional part.

How does it work and what does it do?

The tube is an ionizing detector filled with gas. It uses the Townsend avalanche to give precise results. It is connected to the counter and everything that happens in it is shown on the counter. So how does it work?

If you know about physics and chemistry, you’ll know that the Townsend avalanche has a simple method of working. The tube gets an electric charge by which the free electrons are accelerated and are forced to collide with the gas molecules. They all release additional electrons who are also accelerated and forced to release more electrons. This causes electric conduction through the air.

The tool is able to detect different kinds of radiation like X-rays, Alpha and Beta particles, and Gamma rays. However, there’s no option for detecting the different alpha and beta particles. The instrument sees them as one.  See the types of radiation on this link:

Who can use it?

Everyone that is interested in measuring the level of radiation in some please can have it and see. Some people traveling in lands that are known for their radiation levels want to be sure if there really is some in the air. For example, the countries on the Balkans were hit by depleted uranium bombs and the lands were never recovered by it almost 20 years now.

Also, nuclear tests in the Pacific Ocean caused some islands to be highly toxic and dangerous for humans. The level of radiation there is beyond any normal level. People see this as a challenge and a form of tourism. However, everyone should know that this is not a joke and it’s highly dangerous spending more time in toxic areas.

Pripyat, the abandoned city in Ukraine that suffered the most from the loss of the Chernobyl reactors is now open for the public after being completely shut down by the government for years. However, a lot of the buildings and the ground is still extremely toxic there.

Tourists that want to visit this place like to take professional instruments with them to see if their pins fly off. The truth is, today you can find places with a lot more radiation even in the air then there. A lot of countries facing this problem is because of nuclear plants or other reasons. They are all silent for this and the only that suffer are the people living nearby.


How to find a manufacturer

If you want to know if the area you live in is also a place that’s contaminated, you can get one from any Geiger-Mueller tubes manufacturer. This is not some army equipment that’s forbidden.  If you have the skills and the equipment you can actually do his by yourself.

There are many videos and instructions online for building a G-M counter and tube by yourself. However, no one can guarantee that you’ve built it perfectly. Professional manufacturer gives guarantees that their products are 100% accurate even though these instruments in lots of cases can provide a 100% accuracy of the radiation because of the small levels of it.

The easiest way to find who sells this product is to open the internet and type in the search engine what you’re looking for. If there are no specialized stores nearby, you can always order some of the products through the mail and get them on your home address.

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