Things You Should Know About PMR446 (License-Free) Radios


You should have in mind that most radio transmitters, including UHF or VHF frequencies and two-way radios, tend to operate on licensed, governed and coordinated networks. Two-way radios operate either license-free or with license frequencies. 

The other name of license-free radios is PMR Radios. Remember that most license-free radios have lowered power radios that can support up to 0.5 watts of power output, which means that they are shorter range than others are.

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Of course, everything depends on the surrounding terrain, but the range can be between a few hundred meters to a few kilometers if the terrain is plain and open. 

Personal Mobile Radio (PMR)

Similarly, as the name suggests, PMR stands for Personal Mobile Radio. At the same time, 446 is the UHF frequency range that goes up to 446 MHz and without licenses so that you can operate with ease.

Keep in mind that in the USA, the closest equivalent to PMR446 is GMRS or FRS. It is vital to remember that license-free radios are manufactured with the frequencies that are already programmed in. 

On the other hand, power sources tend to vary from device to device, and basic model features AA cells, while advanced ones use Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Why Should You Use Them?


If you have a limited budget, and you wish to find a license-free radio, you need to learn a few details before you enter a store. Here, we will tell you about the benefits and drawbacks of this particular type of two-way radios.

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  • Less Expensive – If you compare them with licensed frequencies, you should know that this particular type of radio is a much more affordable solution. Remember that license-free communications will save you from making an initial investment, and since you do not have to pay anything else, you can rest assured. On the other hand, having business frequency means that you have to pay at least $450, which is a high sum when compared with other solutions on the market. 
  • Pre-Programmed – You do not have to be an expert to operate with it, because the frequency is already pre-programmed so that you can rest assured along the way.
  • Simple To Use – Since everything is pre-programmed, you can use them as soon as you unpack it from the box, which means that it is quite straightforward for radio amateurs.
  • Features – Two-way radios without licenses are the perfect solution for your business purposes because you will get numerous options and features that will provide you peace of mind while communicating at work. The first thing you can expect is the crisp and clear communication in combination with the ability to relay messages on the job site with ease. Some advanced models feature weather alert feature so that you can inform yourself in case of severe weather. If your workplace is outdoor, getting weather updates is critical for planning. 

Businesses That Will Benefit From License-Free Two-Way Radios

  • Sports – Most parent volunteers and coaches tend to use two-way radios to communicate with other parents and referees during the games such as soccer.
  • Construction –When it comes to the construction industry, you should remember that it requires a safe way to communicate with others to ensure safety, productivity and accuracy. Since advanced models are durable and waterproof, you won’t be able to damage them during the construction project
  • Customer Service and Restaurants – If you work in a restaurant or hotel, it means that you should communicate with staff without losing time and productivity. Two-way radios are perfect because during busy nights, customers are in need. To improve customer service, your team has to communicate in real-time so that they can ensure the standard they wish to achieve. 

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  • Small Businesses – If you own a small business, you will be able to communicate about local in-house issues and meetings while being away, which is an essential consideration if you live in an area with a lousy cell phone signal.
  • Event Planning – In case you work in event planning, you probably know that it requires perfect attention to details and real-time communication with numerous staff members. You also have to think about timing and other factors to ensure that everyone meets expectations.
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