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Why You Must Avail Jio Offer Once In A Lifetime?

Jio is not just a random name in the crowd of Telecom Company. If you also consider it casual and only a big budget brand like others as the name of Asia’s richest man Mr. Mukesh Ambani associated with it, then you are highly mistaken.  Yes, definitely he was the founder of Reliance Jio but the vision he set with this new venture is beyond anyone’s imagination. He proves why he called as a silent master-mind of business and it his vision that today the broadband internet service in India is somewhat improving. That’s how Jio become the biggest game changer in the telecom world.

In term of the variety of plans, recharge cost, benefits and every parameter, Jio rocks. No other operators every show the guts to provide more than one-year free calling and unlimited 4G speed data to the users. This welcome offer touches everyone’s heart and makes them automatically switch to Jio offer. This is the biggest step or can say risk Ambani has taken but the luck is always with him, this time again he taste the success.

If you haven’t still switched to Jio then our reasons definitely convince you to avail Jio offer once in a lifetime, and once you switch you will stick to its service forever. That’s a bet:

Unlimited Free calls- The purpose you recharge your numbers via tez, mobikwik, paytm, phonepe etc to recharge it with limited balance so that connection won’t cut in a mid while talking with your dear ones. But the word ‘limited’ doesn’t have the existence in Jio offer dictionary and never supposed to be included in future also. Every plan is composed with a tendency of beyond limits (unlimited) so that your connections always stay connected with the world in any time of the day.

Unlimited Data- Surprisingly, jio data plans are opposite to others where other operators say that more the data you use more it will cost. With Jio, the case is totally different. Here, Ambani said that use as much as data you want lower will be the rate.

No Roaming Charges- Good news, now you don’t have to recharge a separate plan for availing roaming free calls. With Jio offer no roaming charges will be added across India. So you are free to visit any stated of India and stay always in touch with your family, friends without a fear of increasing calling or data cost. You can still use as much as you want without a further recharge.

Jio Mobile Handsets- Have you ever heard purchasing a mobile phone and after using it for more than 3 years you can sell it to the company at purchase price? Is it like a joke, right? No especially for Jio everything is possible. Reliance digital has introduced a line-up of feature-rich handsets starting from Rs 2,999 and went up to 5,999. Also, they provide the facility if in any case, you want to sell jio phones (you won’t because you will never be ready to sell once acknowledge its features) then get the additional advantage of selling it straight to the company at same purchasing price. Only the need is to show a duplicate copy of the purchasing handset bill.

Don’t think you are dreaming and no such benefit exists in real life. Knock, knock please get up and see the reality, its jio which already exceeds everyone’s imagination and expectation too. So wake up and avail its amazing benefits that are increasing day by day with new stunned offers.

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