Distinguishing Between a Good Design and the Right Design

How does it matter?

An effective design speaks volumes. It should contain thousands of details but should not be terse. An overwhelming design does not normally appeal users. The designer should distinctly demarcate what will work and what does not. An attractive and captivating web design can actually be a turn off or a distraction to the users if some basic rules of thumb in design are not kept into consideration while designing the page. The user interface makes the first impression about the web application. If it fails to satisfy the user, the whole purpose is defeated. In humans, the first impression is usually persistent. The quality of the design should never be compromised. Please visit LinkHelpers International Inc for more information.

Customer First

A perfect design should only focus on representing and complying with the specifications given the users, exactly the way they have demanded. The designer should not get carried away with the fancy ideas or technologies which have state of the art widgets, clip arts, motion pictures, charts and graphs etc. They might be new on the block and making news. The web designer could have had a great time exploring and fiddling with them and tempted to incorporate those things in design, but they must ensure that the instead of focusing on the small and individual elements, they have to take the ‘big picture’ into account. It makes no sense if those intricacies are a misfit in the overall theme. They should not only have the creative instinct of designing, but should possess an eye for the design too and should be able to discard the things that are not in sync with the model representing the requirements of the client or the target audience.

Keep it simple

The mindset of the web application designer has to be neutral objective. Unless they are working on an animated and extravagant website, they should not be obsessed or inclined to jazz up their web site with adding special effects, animated graphics, redundant pop-ups and other screen messages, pompous logos which can tend to distract the users from the content. Another disadvantage with over boarding the page with such things increase the loading time of the page unnecessarily. The most important factor to remember is the target audience.

The Content Management

The content of the web application should ideally be considered as the king. It signifies the purpose of existence of the web site and what it is meant for. The efforts should be channelized more towards putting forth the appropriate content in a coherent manner rather than beautifying the page. In a way, it does constitute an significant part in the design too. The web designer has to take care of the back ground color, the font, color of the text. These things should be coordinated with the theme of the design. If they are not managed properly then the website actually loses its relevance. A lot of effort and time should be invested in collating and hosting comprehensive, crisp and unique content, for the obvious reason to make their website optimized for search results.

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