Basic Types of Web Hosting Services

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Once anyone decides to put up a website, finding an appropriate web hosting service online is among the first things that need to be done. There are endless hosting services available to accommodate the various types of websites found online, so it can be a bit of a task finding the right one. The price range of these types of services lie from zero up to a hundred dollars per month and more and are all priced according to the range and quality of features included in the service package. To give you an idea of the options available, here are the four main types of hosting services available.

First and foremost, free web hosts are abundant online and can be rather useful in many circumstances. Because very little disk space and bandwidth are provided, free web hosts are not recommended for online businesses that aim to draw high volumes of traffic. Similarly, free web hosts place advertisements on their clients’ sites to generate revenue from providing free hosting and do not offer any additional features like multiple emails or technical support. These services are best for those with smaller, personal websites and those who are merely experimenting with web development.

The most popular paid online website hosting services use shared servers, which mean one server is used to host a group of individual websites that generally have nothing to do with one another. The benefits of using shared web services lie in saving money by sharing disk space and bandwidth with other website owners; though, there is always the risk of high traffic on another site causing delays and lagging on other sites on the server.

Dedicated web hosting means only one website is assigned to a server, which offers maximum storage space and bandwidth as well as eliminates lagging due to other sites’ traffic. While more expensive than shared web hosts, most dedicated web hosts come with unlimited databases and emails, advanced security and all kinds of design tools.

If your website requires the services of a dedicated web host, there are two kinds to choose from, managed and unmanaged. A managed server means the web host performs administrative and maintenance functions on your behalf and is the better choice for those who are not very technically inclined. On the other hand, more experienced web developers can choose an unmanaged server which gives them full administrative control and responsibility for the website’s technical aspects.

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