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    Using Social Media For Reputation Management

    The use of social media for reputation management is a concept that many are familiar with. But very few of them are actually able to drive home results through these methods. Let’s look at the challenges of this method before we discuss how to overcome them. The primary challenge is to bring about credibility in the profile that you create. There are many fraudulent users masquerading as representatives of brands. Your authorized brand profile has to be different and credible. You have to make people understand that your profile is the actual outlet for your social media representation. The second challenge is to make them talk. Interaction remains one of…

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    Things You Should Know About PMR446 (License-Free) Radios

    You should have in mind that most radio transmitters, including UHF or VHF frequencies and two-way radios, tend to operate on licensed, governed and coordinated networks. Two-way radios operate either license-free or with license frequencies.  The other name of license-free radios is PMR Radios. Remember that most license-free radios have lowered power radios that can support up to 0.5 watts of power output, which means that they are shorter range than others are. We recommend you to visit Daki-Funkversand.de so that you can learn more about this particular type of two-way radios.  Of course, everything depends on the surrounding terrain, but the range can be between a few hundred meters…

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    How Does Your Web Hosting Provider Affect Your Page Load Speed and Performance?

    We live in a world of competition, where time is the most precious thing one can spend. If you are planning to take your business to the internet, the sooner you realize the value of time, the better it would be for you in the long run. Just having a website online is not enough, maintaining it in an optimum condition is a prerequisite for your business to flourish. Your website should have a lightning page load speed and minimum downtime. With so much competition for the attention of the audience, you don’t want to lag behind others. You would be surprised to know that the very first step you…

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    Does Changing Your Domain Name Affect Your SEO?

    Changing to a new domain name should be avoided in the first place, but there could be situations which could compel you to migrate to a new domain name. This could be a cause of concern as you may experience your traffic nosedive. However, if done properly your website could be ranking on top of the search engine again in no time. Reasons to change to a new domain could be many. The most common ones being, selecting a lousy domain name in the first place, change in name or focus of the business, a better-suited domain name which was previously unavailable being ready to be used now, or something…

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    Basic Types of Web Hosting Services

    Once anyone decides to put up a website, finding an appropriate web hosting service online is among the first things that need to be done. There are endless hosting services available to accommodate the various types of websites found online, so it can be a bit of a task finding the right one. The price range of these types of services lie from zero up to a hundred dollars per month and more and are all priced according to the range and quality of features included in the service package. To give you an idea of the options available, here are the four main types of hosting services available. First…

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